Hi, we're Sunbisoft and we build software for on-demand meetings.

Create a meeting place

  • All-in-one configurable solution.
  • White-labeled and customizable.
  • Processing payments
  • Calculate payout commissions.
  • Points or real money as currency.

Your site, your rules

As a site owner you have the ability to configure and facilitate meetings for a range of purposes. You choose who can join, who can host meetings and whether your customers pay with credit cards or pre-purchased credits. 



Demo Sites

Just two examples of what can be done.

Demo site for on-demand therapy consultations

Demo site of on-demand consultations between startups.

Get started in 3 steps

  • Customize your site with your logo, menu and color theme.
  • Onboard your meeting hosts and create their profile pages.
  • Announce your site to your audience and let them request meetings.