Hi, we're Sunbisoft and we provide websites for video consultation.

Your site, your brand, your users.

Facilitate Meetings

Sunbisoft Meeting Platform is an all-in-one solution that streamlines listing, booking, video meetings and payments in one single platform with secure payments via Stripe and reliable video meetings via Twilio.

Your site, your users

As a site owner you have the ability to configure and facilitate meetings for a range of purposes. You choose who can join, who can host meetings and whether your customers pay with credit cards or pre-purchased credits. 



Get started in 3 steps

  • Customize your site with your logo, menu and color theme.
  • Onboard your hosts (e.g. experts, advisors) and create profile pages.
  • Announce the site to your customers to let them request meetings.

Demo Sites

Just two examples of what can be done.

Demo site for on-demand therapy consultations

Demo site of on-demand consultations between startups.


Monthly cost per site on your own domain.


6,000 min/month
$ 0 Monthly
  • Up to 100 users
  • No platform commission*
  • No extra minutes


30,000 min/month
$ 249 Monthly
  • Unlimited nr of users
  • No platform commission
  • $0.02 per extra minute**


200,000 min/month
$ 999 Monthly
  • Unlimited nr of users
  • No platform commission*
  • $0.01 per extra minute**


Unlimited minutes & users
$ 0 Monthly
  • Platform commission 8%
  • Sunbisoft receives the payments and pays you the commission you set and the rest goes to your experts. (Stripe takes 1.4% to 2.9%).

* Use your own Stripe account to receive payments and handle your own payouts.

** Cost for extra minutes applies if the monthly minutes are all used. Monthly minutes do not transfer to the next month.

Who are we?

Sunbisoft is a tech startup that intends to lower the barrier to entry for on-demand consultation, like Shopify did for online shops. Sunbisoft was founded by Jan Park and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.